Sofia is probably the only European capital with such a big mountain so close to the city center. The city is one of the highest capitals in Europe too. How not to see the Vitosha mountain? How not to recognize its profile around the city of Sofia? The Vitosha exhibition is a project presented by four artists (Adriano Ponte, Luisa de Donato, Tzu Ning Chiang, Valentina Sciarra) and inspired precisely by this mountain, its relation to the body of the capital city of Bulgaria and the people who daily lay eyes on it. The exhibition is composed of a series of new works specially created for the event and includes installations, paintings, sculptures and drawings. The homogeneity searched by the works is not given by the different techniques but rather by the theme. The implementation of each work indeed is driven by the same object of analysis: the Vitosha and its profile, its shadows, its vegetation, its light.

Street art in The Red Dot Gallery

Oil paintings and graffiti on canvas by the two young artists Dimitar Mehandziysky-Stern and Eleonora Marinova-Elche
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Street art in the Gallery red dot

Painting and graffiti on canvas are the final challenge of the Presorted-Stern and Eleanor Daniels – Elche in Sofia Gallery "The red dot"

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Teodor Dukov opened the private exhibition "the bright side of things" almost sold out

Novataekspoziciâ Theodore Dukov from sculptures in wood and painted their original projects was opened on the evening of 26 Mayi garnered only standing ovation. The exhibition traces the path of each of the works of conceptual sketch through drawings, all the way to the final draft and its realization. The exhibition also includes projects to some of the works, in which the author works as you run the show.
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MEDITERRANEO-joint exhibition of Todor Popov and Daniel Daniels

The artist Todor Popov and the sculptor Daniel Danny found on May 7 in "the red dot" joint exhibition, bringing together 16 paintings and five sculptures out of wood. Inspired and dedicated to the Mediterranean spirit and conception of the world, the exhibition is named MEDITERRANEO and exudes holiday mood and summer bliss. The exhibition opened but Brenda Darby.
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The first exhibition in the "red dot"

On April 7, Elaine Jeffrey opened his first us exhibition in Bulgaria – "Fleeting stories". In it she presents photographs from the deepest moments in Sofia on par with photos of Cairo, London, Hamburg and Fifth Avenue in New York City. the Exhibition Centre's photography of the temple-monument "Alexander Nevski", illuminated by Super Moon since the autumn of last year. "I love this building because of its architecture and its significance.," said Elaine of discovery and present the main topic that interested – change and transition. In all her impressions, included in the exhibition, is encoded, the moment of change. it is particularly intense in a series of photos of Cairo, made during the revolution there in 2011.
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Premier exhibition of graphic PRINT Studio NEST

With increased interest and sincere admiration went the opening of film exhibition of four young graphic artists United in art group "Print's nest"-Zoran Michaud, Goran Tričkovski, Vasil Angelov and Pavel Celkoski the idea of merging them into one Studio is born a few years ago, but on March 5, was their first official appearance as a creative group.

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ZVUKOPROSTRANSTVO-joint exhibition of the Velin Dinev and Joachim Hirling

Velin Dinev, author of 77 years, presented his last paintings before Sofia in a joint exhibition with the German Joachim Hirling. Despite his age, the Bulgarian artist displayed in «red dot» unexpected for its generation expressivity and freshness of expression. «Julaine sounds extremely contemporary», explains Danny Daniel galerist″t the reason for the invitation to Sliven artist. Along with the Damayanti Gallery Dala presents and German author Joachim Hirling. He, in turn, introduces the viewer into an neobičaenza Bulgarian flair dialogue between sound and color. Conceived as a complete composition, the canvases of Joachim form chords, subject of the theory of correlation between tone and color. His paintings inspired by the musical tones were painted specially for the exhibition in the «red dot». "We must not forget that this is the land of Orpheus» share Joachim on the occasion of its presentation in Sofia.
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Animalia otkrivane

ANIMALIA opening

Opening of the exhibition in the Animaliâ Gallery red dot mine at an unusually high interest. Representatives of museums in Sofia, cultural institutions and of almost all higher education institutions came to the event. The guests were tempted to see in minuscule details of the illustrations and sculptures with magnifying glasses in the forest accompanied by sounds, specially recorded for the project. The exhibition opened Neda Zhivkova, art critic and lecturer in history and art.

Illustrations of Milena Radeva and sculpture of Elias Daisuke, merged into Animalia, were exhibited in October 2014.

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Painting in RED DOT

Presorted and Eleanor Daniel are young artists from Plovdiv, which are 12 paintings of RED DOT Gallery from 4th to 18th September. With their first Metropolitan Gallery and exhibition encountered active autumn season.
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Crucial 13

Original vessels of wood, created specifically for the RED DOT into notions of function and aesthetics. Surprising in their purpose, they are more like sculptures with function. There's no way to not become a focus for any home and unquestionable topic of conversation in the first minutes of each.
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Wood and metal

Exhibition of STUDIO 4 EARS
STUDIO 4 EARS is the circle of artists who work in various fields of plastic arts, design, interior architecture, digital arts, etc. What unites us as artists is the special attitude towards the classic priomi in art.
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The second exhibition area

By 21.03.14 g. offer one more space for presentation of author's works.
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Black-and-white ideas in red dot

The 06.03.2014 g. Gallery opened the first of a series of exhibitions "Sideways".
The exposition presents graphs of two authors of Macedonia-Zoran Michaud and Goran Tričkovski. Both have graduated from the National Art Academy in Sofia. The third author is Nikolay Yotov who exhibit sculptures in marble.
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Fevruarska collection

The 31.01.2014 filed an amended. the collection of the gallery with new sculptures. Some of them are new authors – Nikolay Yotov, Dimitar Mitev, denica Daly, Vladimir Michev. With his works involved and Hesham Steliânov, Teodor Dukov and Daniel Danny. That night in the red dot in a friendly setting, participants, friends, and colleagues greeted and exchanged ideas and plans for joint work. We wish you success.
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3 x 3 x 2 +2

From 12 to 30.11.2013. we present a selection of new interior proposals of 5 young artists that the gallery will work in the future. This is Judy Daniels, Florian Steliânov, Georgi Velikov, Teodor Dukov and Lily Pobornikova. We aim to show the different techniques and methods of treatment of the wood. Each of them brings their own spirit and unique charge. We invite all connoisseurs of art to see these impressive sculptures that will delight and provoke your imagination.

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The invisible River of Sofia

Street Dance performance, launched from our patio, by engaging our gallery in the dance. The project was the Foundation for the Space dance "performed by the artists of the ballet" Arabesque ".

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The Gallery opened its doors on September 19, 2013, with a private exhibition of Daniel Danny by 13 of his sculptures out of wood. The event was attended by friends, colleagues, and designers.

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